Mysterious Man Painted A Distraught Dog – Caught On Video

A number of passers-by walked through the city square today and watched as a man dyes a dog, in broad daylight, while it squeals loudly for him to stop…

What the need is for such a terrible and gross act is unknown, but, our sources say that the incident has been reported several times in the municipality to the police, there is still no proper action taken though.

A few days ago a small kitten of was dyed in bright yellow, the poor kitty!

Later that day it was found tied, abandoned near to a cemetery, the high school student who then found him decided to take him home and to look after him, to give him a really good bath and some food.

All this these things are happening in the small city of Prilep in R. Macedonia.

Even now there is also a red-colored dog who showed up in the same city in social networks.

Outraged citizens shared these photographs of the dog, it is suspected to be the same guy that dyed all the other animals too.

He dyes a dog in front of some little children too, the puppy was clearly upset, distraught, and was crying out loud during the horrible act he was performing on the poor pup (see the video below).

They require the competent institutions to react immediately!

Anima Mundi“, a local organization for animal rights, called out and said:

“Will there ever be an end of this cruel life of street animals ?!”

“Will such a psychologically disadvantaged person who dare to torture innocent animals daily be ever sanctioned?”

What do you think ?