My Dog Jumps on People…How do I Stop this Behavior?

Does it frighten you when your dog jumps on people? Or perhaps you just find it annoying that your dog jumps right on top of you at every chance it gets? This situation can become a serious problem if might get serious if people get too scared. This could happen when your dog is either too friendly or extremely aggressive. Both the situations are not for your or your pet’s health.


There can be many problems when a dog jumps on people. The problems can vary from bring simple like dirtying or damaging the cloths or extremely serious like traumatizing or injuring people. It doesn’t matter whether the dog is small or big in size. A small dog that jumps on people can be equally terrorizing to children as large dogs are to adults.

The basic reason of why a dog jumps on people even if it is excited is that the dog was never taught that such an attitude was not appropriate. It is common among dog owner to greet an excited dog by bending down and picking it up. This encourages the pup to become even more excited and jump at any person which shows even the slightest sign of affection.

Another reason of why dog jumps on people might be aggression or dominance. In such a situation train the dog only if you are a fairly experienced owner. If you do not have the experience of handling aggressive dogs then it is better to hire the services of a professional dog trainer. Aggressive dogs can at times be harmful to their owners as well.

You must learn to put down whenever your dog jumps on people in excitement. Here are a few tips that might be helpful. Try not to greet such a dog with too much enthusiasm. An enthusiastic behavior on your regard will excite the dog even more and it won’t be able to learn what you are trying to teach it.

Secondly, if your pet does not know that it is not acceptable when your dog jumps on people, you must not yell at it. This would further aggravate its excitement.

Try not to push away when a dog jumps on people. The dog might think of it as a playful action and jump even more. Rather keep your voice steady and point out to the dog to sit back in a stern tone.

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