Muzzled, Chained and with Frostbite, Left to die – Saved by the troopers

State police were called to Shades Beach on the Lake Erie shoreline Friday afternoon by someone who saw a dog left muzzled with a 16-pound tow chain looped around his neck.

RAW State police find dog frostbitten, muzzled, hooked up to 16-pound chain on Erie beach.

Troopers called a local animal shelter after finding the dog.

The shelter said on social media that the dog had a basket muzzle on that was so tight it was embedded behind his ears. He had severe frostbite around his face, too.

Late this afternoon Pennsylvania State Police called us about a dog someone saw on Shades Beach "in distress". The…

Gepostet von ANNA Shelter Animal Cruelty Division am Freitag, 13. Dezember 2019

Once brought in to the shelter, officials said “we were thanked by kisses and full-body tail wagging.”

Troopers said they are still working to find out who left the dog.

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