Muzzled and Burnt Alive After Adopting This Lovely Pit Bull From Craiglist

There really are some people in this world that no matter which way you look at them, you can’t ever escape how they should be dealt with in a civilized country. Here is one of those exact situations, what he does to her is sickening…

He adopted the pit bull from Craiglist, but it’s what he does next that is unbelievable, he ties her legs, muzzles her and burns her alive. She was called Lucky, ironically, and was up for adoption because her last owner couldn’t afford to keep her anymore.

Pleading guilty to the terrible act, Arthur M Vieira was guilty of torturous acts against an innocent animal, a loyal and faithful pet, he was also found guilty of obstruction of justice and littering!

At the age of 27 years old he worked as a gunners mate in the Navy at the time he was arrested, it’ s a miracle that he wasn’t caught before this, to be capable of something like this, how did he slip through the cracks of the Navy?

He was arrested and jailed without the possibility of bail until he is sentenced on the 13th January, he could face seven years, good, but in reality, there is no amount of time that is long enough to punish this kind of malice!

pit bull

It was firefighters that found the remains of a dog, all burnt while they were responding to a fire that was actually on Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, Virginia on the 29th May.

They could clearly see the animal’s feet had been wrapped together tightly with nylon rope and muzzled… The postmortem confirmed that she was alive when set alight.

She still had her microchip and that led the police to the previous owner, she was adopted from the SPCA and called Sheeba, sadly she couldn’t afford to keep her and that’s why she tried to find another home for her.

At first he said he gave her away, then that he punched her to defend himself, she was dead so he burned her body, but eventually, Vieira exhausted his lie, the police had pieced together what had happened and he had to give in and admit what he had done.

A woman, anonymous, who said she was Vieira’s mother said:

“I can’t even believe it. He loves animals.”

pit bull

He has been discharged from the Navy since the case started and in jail, a therapist says that there is some evidence of a “psychiatric condition”…

On Monday the members of PETA stood outside the courthouse with signs reading ‘Justice for Lucky’.

Director of PETA UK, Mimi Bekhechi, says:

“Authorities need to seize this opportunity to lock Arthur Vieira up as a menace to society and come as close as the sentencing guidelines allow to throwing away the key.”

“People who pick on the defenseless, whether dogs, children or any other vulnerable being, are dangerous and need to be removed from the opportunity to harm and kill again. Animals are easy targets for bullies who enjoy terrorizing those who can’t fight back and can’t go to the police to report their abuse.”

“Research into psychology and criminology informs us that those individuals who commit acts of cruelty to animals often go on to harm humans if they are not stopped. Whatever sentence is handed down, it will never equal what Lucky endured at the hands of this monster.”

“Nothing short of the maximum penalty will approach justice.”

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