Muscle PitBulls (Video) and How To Make Your Pitbull Muscular – easy 3 steps

  1. Meal 2 – 12:00 pm
    1 piece of boiled chicken or fish (16 oz for adults, 12 oz. for puppies)
  2. Meal 3 – 2:00 pmFeed 1/4th of the recommend amount of food for the day.
  3. Meal 4 – 4:00 pm4 pm 1/2 piece of boiled chicken or fish (10 oz. for adults, 6 oz. for puppies)
  4. Meal 5 – 6:00 pm6 pm Feed 1/4th of the recommend amount of food for the day. and a scoop of Gorilla Max, 1 Bully Max Tablet or a scoop of Bully Max Plus.
  5. Meal 6 – 9:00 pmFeed 1/4th of the recommend amount of food for the day.
Pitbull Muscular
Pitbull Muscular

2. Exercising your dog. While diet plays the biggest role in building muscle in dogs, you must exercise your dog as well.

By preforming actives such as weight pulling, running up hills, and using spring poles, your dog’s muscles are being torn. After their muscles are torn, they will rebuild and repair themselves. With the proper diet (shown above), they repair themselves stronger and bigger than they were before.

This is how muscles are built. Without the proper diet, it’s impossible for them to repair & rebuild. One of the easiest ways to keep your dog active is by installing a simple spring pole in your yard. If the dog has the drive, they’ll work for hours hanging and playing from a spring pole while getting ripped in the process. Some other great exercises for building muscle: Flirt poles, weight sleds, & weight vest.

3. High Intensity cardio training. When it comes to building muscle in your dog, you want to avoid 2 hour long walks, or long hours of cardio activities. These activities will burn your dog’s muscle off instead of build it. You want to stick to cardio exercises like sprints, running up bleachers / steps, or running up hills for short periods of time. A high intensity cardio work out for 10-15 minuets a day is sufficient. You can also use a weight vest when preforming these exercises to intensify the workouts.

This is How To Make Your Pitbull Muscular, in the most safe & effective way. Follow these guide and you have a ripped pit bull in no time at all.

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