The Most Unlucky Dog Has A Christmas Miracle

We love dogs, of course, and we love Christmas too, but we don’t love how there are so many dogs in shelters over Christmas, this one dog is especially sad case…

She is called Daisy and it was beginning to look like she was going to be spending a lonely and unloved Christmas in a shelter after her family put her in the shelter.

Her story began pretty much when she was boomeranged back to the dogs home and it ignited a nationwide cry out for her!

The beautiful nine-year-old doggie is a mastiff, all black and a crossbreed who had been returned to the shelter after her owners couldn’t care for her after having her for eight years.

Daisy came to Battersea dogs home originally she was only there for just fifteen days before she was rescued, this time though she really was facing a Christmas as an unwanted doggie, at it touched the hearts of all who heard her story!

One family, in particular, were so touched by her story, the Daily’s really for Daisy and after the shelters appeal for this ‘unluckiest dog’ Louise Daily came to her rescue!

After 124 days in care, Daisy had thankfully found her forever home with the Daily’s family, they were more than happy with her.

Louise said:

“We first saw Daisy in an article about her being the unluckiest dog in the UK and couldn’t resist getting in touch with Battersea about her.”

“We were looking for an older dog to adopt and love larger breeds, so she sounded perfect for us.”

She went on to say:

“We’re so happy to have found her and to be able to welcome her into our family before Christmas. Daisy is a lovely, calm and affectionate girl and settled in straight away.”

“We’re looking forward to our first Christmas with her.”

Daisy has become known as the “boomerang dog” because she was rescued from the shelter only to be returned back to it again, thankfully now she is happy as can be, but it really does show another need.

It’s really the case that more elderly dogs that pass through the shelter do have to wait a lot longer to be rehomed when compared to younger dogs that is!

In the last three years over 900 dogs aged seven-plus have been given new homes by Battersea dogs home, their average days stay is around 40 days, but dogs under seven have an average weight of around 31 days!

Steve Craddock, Battersea’s center manager, said:

“We’re all over the moon that Daisy has found a home in time for Christmas and will be able to enjoy the festive season with her new family enjoying endless cuddles and tummy tickles.”

“It can be so difficult to find homes for older dogs. All too often we see people that come to Battersea looking for young dogs, but it is easy to forget how much work a young dog can be and how much time, work and energy they require.”

“Older dogs, like Daisy, make incredible pets and have a lifetime of love to give. We’d love to see more of our old dogs find the perfect retirement home.”

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