Mom Searches For Dog, Missing, With Severe Allergies, She Is Stunned When She Sees The Security Cameras!

In most circumstances, you would expect when your in a secure community that you would feel quite safe, there are security guards after all and CCTV. However, in this case, we see that its security that causes the problem…

A security company in Las Vegas announces in a statement that it had to fire two of its employees after it was discovered that camera footage showed them stealing a dog!

The dog belonged to Julia Hignite who says that her dog went missing not even two weeks ago. Her family started looking for her immediately, they loved the miniature bull terrier so much!

The dog is called Rocco and she lives in a gated community, in fact, it’s quite a close community and if a dog goes missing then it’s not usually long before another member of the community will find the dog and reunite with the owner.

Julia had checked the dog park several times, she couldn’t believe that she could not find her lovely doggie!

Seen on security camera…

The family had made flyers and were posting them all over the neighborhood and posted on social media too.

After a few days, a neighbor said that they had seen the dog, to their surprise Rocco had been seen in the community clubhouse, with of all people, the neighborhood security guard!!

The Company showed Julia the CCTV footage of Rocco, he was escorted out of the building bu a security guard, another guard was helping him…

Julia Hignite
Julia is desperate to get her doggie back, she is pleading for the return of the dog who has numerous food allergies and seizures too, she is very worried about him!

She said:

“Just drop him off or take him to the Animal Foundation or take him to a vet …He’s chipped, they would contact me, he can come home and nobody has to go any further.”

Watch the video below to see the full story, then see the update to this story below!


We are excited and pleased to announce that the year old Rocco miniature bull terrier was returned to his owners, the family is so relieved to have Rocco back with them, safe and sound.

Watch the video below for more details how he was returned to them:

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