Mom Puts 4-Year-Old Daughter In Between Six Pitbulls And Their Food, Then THIS Happens

It’s no secret that of all dog breeds, pitbulls have one of the worst reputations. Often depicted in the media as aggressive and dangerous, people have been told time and again that they are killers and should be avoid, especially around children.

Places in the United States and around the world have even tried banning the ownership of the dog. So is that reputation merited?

One woman who lives with six pitbulls and one (adorable) 4-year-old daughter, wanted to show the world that pitbulls shouldn’t be dismissed as terrifying.

In fact, with a loving home and proper training they are amazingly well-behaved. To prove it, she did what some might consider unthinkable: let her daughter feed them.

The girl gathers the dogs and makes them wait while she gets out their food. Despite clearly wanting to dive in and eat right away, the dogs sit obediently and wait until the girl gives the order. Her mom films the process.

As the dogs finally chow down and the girl dances around the room, the mom remarks: “Six male pitbulls. People say it could never be done. They live and eat together. They’re a family.”

Obviously, having a child interact with a pet safely depends on the temperament of both child and dog. This video should by no means be used as license to run an experiment with a dog who has a history of aggression. That being said, it does show that deciding that “all pitbulls are dangerous” is simplistic and false.

As we’ve pointed out before, pitbulls can be loving, gentle companions to families. You just have to work at it.

These dogs, hungry as they were, behaved with absolute restraint while the 4-year-old went through her feeding ritual.

What is also worth nothing is how the girl behaves. It’s a reminder that dog-child interactions are a two-way street. As we’ve seen recently with Sarah Palin’s son standing on the family dog, kids need to be taught to care for and respect the animals that share their house.

It’s clear that this 4-year-old lives in a household that has taught her from a young age how to treat animals. As a consequence, she loves them, knows each one, and – most importantly – knows how to treat them. That relationship can make all the difference.

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