Miracle Dog Found Alive After Missing For 9 Years !!!

Miracle Dog: In 2000, Natalie Lampard adopted a mutt named Muffy from an RSPCA shelter outside Brisbane, Australia. The pup was a gift for her then eight-year-old daughter, Chloe.

Chloe and Muffy formed an incredible bond, but it was cut short when every pet parent’s worst nightmare came true. Muffy completely vanished after she was dropped off with family friends who were petsitting. Any and all searches failed to provide answers as to the dog’s whereabouts.

Nine years passed. Over time, Natalie and Chloe had given up hope of ever seeing their beloved dog again. They assumed she was dead; after all, Muffy had a microchip. But then, in 2009, Natalie received a phone call from the RSPCA in Melbourne, a city over 1,200 miles away. After she hung up, she immediately rang her daughter, Chloe, and asked her if she was sitting down.After nine long years, the family was reunited with their miracle dog.

Chloe was 17 years old by this point, but it was as if no time had passed between them. Finally, Muffy was home!  Muffy’s journey teaches pet owners two valuable lessons: Always microchip your pets, and never give up hope.

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