Cruel Men Used Her As Bait For Dog Fighting, But Now They’re Getting What They Deserve

As medieval as they sound, dog fighting rings are still a feature of modern society.

In the US alone, it’s assumed that the number of people involved in the illegal activity; like dog fighting; numbers in the tens of thousands.

That’s why it’s so good to hear that at least some of those responsible for such horrific practices are being punished.

After a photo from South Africa of a poor pit bull; mouth duct-taped and body chained; being used as a bait dog went viral online, the men responsible were captured.

dog fighting
dog fighting

This is the photo that sparked outrage all over the world. The bait dog is chained, while the fighting dog is encouraged to “practice” by attacking her. After authorities saw it, they got to work tracking down those responsible.

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Thankfully, four of the men responsible for the brutal act were taken into custody after an investigation. Even better—8 other dogs were rescued, too.

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