Men start singing their favorite song, but dog quickly steals the show!

This dog’s owner could count on one thing to liven up their roadtrip and it all came down to his dog’s favorite song. Everything was going smoothly as his dog was content to sit nice and snug between him and their buddy traveling with them.

The bulldog loved looking out the window to figure out where they were going. With so many sights to see, it was all enough to entertain the dog. But road trips have potential for so much more than that.

They all really wanted to enjoy the trip and bursting into song was the perfect idea.

A cover from Josh Groban’s famous song “You Raise Me Up” came on the radio. It didn’t take long for the bulldog to give in.

His ears perked up to the familiar tune that he loves so much. His owner started singing along, and that’s what got him convinced to join in too.


Passing up the opportunity to belt it out was impossible now as the bulldog opened his mouth big and wide to sing.

This was not barking or making noise, but a very talented attempt to sing just like Josh Groban would.

Huge smiles came across the owner’s face and his friend when the dog carried along loudly.


Listening to the radio was not exclusively for the men to listen to because it was clear that the dog enjoyed listening just as much as they did.

The natural reaction for the bulldog to sing along is a truly amazing thing to watch. The dog wasn’t trying to receive praise, he was simply having fun.

Watch the three of them in the video below – it will certainly bring a smile to your face too.

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