Men allegedly used dog as shark bait – disturbing video sparks investigation

A photo suggests that the body of a dog was used as shark bait.


No creature seems to be safe from the hateful behavior of some cruel individuals.

A video which has been circulated on social media this week shows the depraved actions of a group of men who are currently being investigated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

In the video, a shark is being dragged at high speeds behind a boat. The men in the boat are laughing as the shark is whipped mercilessly around behind the boat – one person says, “Look it’s almost dead.”

After the horrific boat dragging ended, one of the men held up the mangled body of the shark for a photo.

Adding to the twisted situation are photos on Facebook which indicate that a dog was used as shark bait. A Facebook user by the name of “Liz” posted images and berated the alleged abuser:

The dude in #Florida bragging and having his mates film him whilst speeding furiously in his boat with a live #Shark attached on the back! Being tortured and smashed around! Geez mate takes some big brassy peanuts to do that! Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what other heinous crimes against nature you have so gallantly committed! #FWC Michael you are so proud of your efforts, hope you don’t mind that we share! SHARE

By Wednesday, the Miami Herald reported that Florida Wildlife investigators had identified the three men, but until charges are filed, their identities will not be made public.

Investigators have also discovered damning photos of at least one of the men who is posing with various animals who appear to have been abused, including a pelican and a dog, reported the Miami New Times.

Officials were first alerted to the sickening act after one of the people in the video gave it to Capt. Mark Quartiano, a renowned Florida shark hunter.

Quartiano alerted the authorities and offered his thoughts on what was portrayed in the video, “I’ve killed tens of thousands of sharks but not tortured them, not inhumanely and not disrespected them like that.”

The case is still being investigated – anyone with information is asked to reach out to the state hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922) or online at [email protected].

(Screenshot via WWA Animal Awareness FB page)


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