Filthy matted mop head turns out to be an animal in desperate need of help!

As terrible as it is to neglect a pet, it happens every single day. It’s because the owner realizes they can’t properly care for them, or they just don’t want them anymore.

Hundreds of animals are left with no one to look after them every year.

However, rarely are animals neglected so badly that when rescue workers find them, they can’t even identify what type of animal they are. But, that’s exactly what happened in the English town of Bury earlier this year.

When a good Samaritan spotted an indiscernible animal covered from top to bottom in thickly matted fur wandering around a local park, they picked it up and dropped it off at a nearby vet.

Doctors were at first confused as to what it could have been. But, the answer became shockingly clear as soon as they started to remove the entangled hair…


Animal neglect is something that happens way too often; it’s an upsetting fact, but it’s true.

However, very rarely do rescue workers see an example of neglect that’s so horrifying they can’t even determine what the animal is.

And that’s exactly what happened in the English town of Bury.

One afternoon, a resident of Bury, England, was walking through a town park when they saw something that startled them.


It was an unrecognizable animal. It was covered from head to toe in dirty matted fur wandering slowly around the park’s outskirts. They decided to bring it to a local vet so it could get the help it clearly needed.

Doctors were initially unsure exactly what kind of animal it was, but as soon as they started to shave off its fur, it all became clear…

It turned out that it was a small shih tzu! She had been abandoned by her owners and left to wander the streets of Bury alone. She had no collar, identification tag or microchip.


After her tuft of fur had been removed, doctors realized she was also suffering from a number of skin lesions and sores. But, at least she was finally in good hands.

The vet named her Rosie, and just look at the transformation she went through! Doctors treated all of her wounds and the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) launched an investigation as to why Rosie was found in such horrendous condition.


Let’s hope that Rosie finds a new home with caring owners who want nothing but the best for this precious shih tzu!

Thankfully, there are people in this world that go out of their way to help animals in need. If it wasn’t for that good Samaritan, Rosie’s story may have ended very differently.

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