Mangy Puppy Saved From Euthanasia Makes Heartwarming Recovery !!!

Mangy Puppy True Story: Kristy’s breed wasn’t immediately apparent when she was saved from euthanasia at a local shelter.

She had been living with a skin condition so serious that most of her fur was missing. Her unsightly appearance made her unadoptable, until Vet Ranch stepped in.

Knowing full well that Kristy had the potential to be loved like any other puppy, Vet Ranch’s Dr. Karri stepped in. She was shaking and deeply wary of the humans around her. But over the course of the next few weeks, things began to change for this mangy orphan.

Her only course of treatment being special mange shampoo and a fair amount of TLC, Karri began growing her hair back almost immediately. Blankets and towels helped keep her warm, and attentive play sessions helped improve her spirits.

In just a few short weeks, Kristy’s skin condition had completely disappeared, her hair had fully grown back, and she was a playful, happy Mangy Puppy waiting for adoption into her forever home, something she’d never have known if not for the volunteers and donation that make Vet Ranch possible.

Thanks to these good Samaritans, another pet has been saved from needless euthanasia. If you’d like to learn more about their nonprofit, head over to their website.

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