Man Goes For A Swim, Then Turns To See 16 Golden Retrievers On His Tail

Some dogs, like this golden retrievers, will do anything to be near their owner. What dog doesn’t love following their best friend around everywhere they go?

Although, when you own 16 dogs, things become a little more complicated. This dog owner decided to take a refreshing dip in a body of water near his home. All 16 of his golden retrievers wanted in on the action too.

As the dog owner jumped into the water, it didn’t take long for the golden retrievers to follow suit. And what a sight it was!

The exhilarated, identical looking dogs barked and hopped into the water in a huge crowd. Their owner looked back to peep a “sea” of golden retrievers doggy paddling behind him.

The dog owner quickly made his way to the other side of the calm water and lifted himself up and out. The ecstatic golden retrievers caught up to their owner, some jumping out and others still bobbing in the water.

The man made his way around a corner and jumped right back in. The dogs couldn’t contain their excitement and made to get right back on his tail. A few dogs practically flew back into the water.

It was like a scene out of the Olympics, but a whole lot cuter. The golden retrievers were synchronously weaving through the water to get to the other side, like a golden wave. Their owner must be one happy man!

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