Man stabs And Kills Dog Over Jealousy of Dog Siding With His Girlfriend

People argue. It’s natural and totally normal to spar with those you love. If done constructively, disagreements can be a healthy way to express oneself.

Too often though, disputes become intense and violent conflicts with dire results.

Blue was a 2-year-old Boxer-Labrador cross. His human parent adopted him from the Gulf Coast Humane Society animal shelter. Mike Lado, the boyfriend of Blue’s human owner, stabbed the pooch, killing Blue because the dog sided with his mistress during their arguments, police say.

The 26-year-old has been charged with animal cruelty; his girlfriend hasn’t been named. According to police reports, Lado, after hours of being on a drinking bender, returned home and started a fight with his girlfriend.

Blue barked and growled as the two fought in their home in Lee County, Florida. Soon after, Lado stabbed Blue twice, leaving the defenseless dog to bleed to death and die.

Detectives found a trail of blood leading from the kitchen to the hallway to the spot where poor Blue slumped over and died. Police thought the helpless pup tried to flee when Lado came after him.

Blue’s mistress told police that Blue calmed down before Lado took the knife to him.

The shelter where blue was adopted responded after learning of the dog’s senseless death. Jennifer Galloway, the shelter’s chief executive, described Blue’s death as “a big kick in the gut.”

“Dogs want to please. That’s all they want to do, and all Blue was trying to do is protect his mom.

“He can’t latch that door and get out of the situation. He’s stuck in that situation.”

We wonder if the shelter now regrets allowing Blue’s mistress to adopt him. This was a tragic event. Accidents happen, but it seems like Lado knew what he was doing when he reached for the kitchen knife.

Blue had no way of defending himself. That’s what makes this story so heartbreaking. You should never, ever take out your anger or emotions on a helpless being. It’s cowardly and cruel.

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