One Man Shows Us What It’s Like To Say Goodbye To Your Best Friend

On Wednesday, Jesse James of West Coast Choppers shared with all of us one of the most difficult things that a pet parent will ever have to do—say goodbye to a faithful best friend.

Bubba, Jesse’s black Pit Bull and best friend who was born in 2004, has had prostate cancer for over a year and just recently it was discovered that he had polyps in his rectum. In a separate Facebook post, Jesse wrote that “[Bubba’s] suffering but [he is] still that warrior shop dog from Long Beach.”

Best Friend

In the video, Jesse can be seen wiping away tears and fitting as much love as possible into his last moments with Bubba. Bubba gently reciprocates by reaching up to kiss Jesse’s face.

The emotional Facebook video and post of Jesse spending his final moments with Bubba can be seen below.

Our thoughts are with Jesse as he grieves for the loss of his best friend.

Compassion for your dog is such a sharp razors edge. When they get old and start to break down and suffer, It is so hard to make that decision to end that suffering. We find ourselves hanging on to any tiny sign of them being being ok, or better. We know it’s denial, but it’s so hard to call it what it is. It comes down to pure selfishness in the end, You not wanting to let them go. Seeing them in oblivious pain is just as hard as seeing their tail still wagging and light still in their eyes. Holding them in your arms and feeling their struggle and pain come to an end.

That is the real lesson in showing compassion for your best friend.

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