Man Shoots Neighbor’s Dog Twice In His Cage After It Attacked His Dog!

We all love our dogs dearly, however, to let any situation provoke a violent response is really not a good or viable response in a civilized society, this case really does take protecting your dog from another to an extreme level.

The 63-year-old man was arrested by the police, they tell the story of how he casually walked into his neighbor’s house and shot his dog fatally, in his neighbor’s home.

The poor dog that was shot was a pit bull, and the reasoning behind all this was that the man said the pit bull attacked his Chihuahua that same day earlier on.

The 63-year-old called Andrew Evans will face the charges for his crime, in this case, he is charged with ‘ killing an animal without the owner’s consent’, as well as burglary and disorderly conduct.

Police said that the shooting occurred on November 25th and was after a conflict between the men, the Chihuahua was, apparently attacked by the pit bull, belonging to the neighbor Joe Cruz.

The accused is alleged to have walked into the neighbor’s house and shooting his dog twice in the head, the dog in question was in his cage. The owner said that after the shooting he buried his dog in the desert!

Joe’s friend, called Jamie Connors, who was his former partner, spoke out to say that the whole ordeal was very much distressing.

Jamie said:

“She was laying in a puddle of blood in her kennel. That’s not something for somebody to see …”This was my child’s best friend. For someone to do something like this? There’s no justification.”

The police said that the pit bull has got out and escaped from the house during a garage sale, that’s when it was said that it attacked the Chihuahua, causing some quite awful injuries.

The man also claimed that the pit bull bit him, however, the police report that he didn’t have any signs of serious injuries at all.

The Chihuahua was treated in the animal hospital and was the recipient of a rather big bill of around $8,000 poor dog.

The police also stated that the man had said to them that:

“…what he did was worth it.”

Jamie said:

“Whether your dog got hurt or not, it gives you no right to walk into somebody’s home and shoot somebody’s dog dead …And even if your dog died, does that give you any justification to kill somebody else’s? I don’t believe so.”

Before this all happened it was said by the men that they had a friendly relationship and got along quite well. We are quite sure that this is most certainly all down to the owners and as usual, the dogs are the casualties in all this madness.

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