Man rescues dog being sold for meat and finds a new best friend!


Xingyi Danielle’s dad was walking down the street in China one day looking for a place to grab a bite when he saw a group of people selling live dogs trapped in bags for meat consumption.

The man didn’t have the heart to simply walk by… So, he paid $90 for one of the doggies and saved his life. “His environment isn’t dog-friendly so he couldn’t buy more,” Danielle told The Dodo. “But [he] at least got to save one.”

As soon as he got home, the man snapped a photo of the dog in the bag to show the world they’re sold like some cheap commodity rather than a living thing.

Dad gave the dog a name, marking a new; happier chapter in the canine’s life: “It’s basically Doggo pronounced in Cantonese, actually.”As the place the man lives at doesn’t allow dogs, the pooch is currently staying at his office for now;  but he’s still trying his best to provide a good environment for him,” said Danielle.


Most importantly, Doggo didn’t end up on someone’s burger plate. The dog couldn’t be happier to be given a second chance at life.

“I was quite proud, to be honest,” said Danielle about her dad’s spontaneous act of kindness. You go dad!


Doggo’s living situation is not perfect; but it definitely is much better than it would have been had this Good Samaritan not been there to save him.

We’re so thankful that this man took action when he saw something he didn’t agree with. Now, he even has a new friend to keep him company.


The dog meat trade is definitely not what it once was; especially as a recent law banned the consumption of dog meat at the Yulin festival in China.

However, dogs are still regularly traded and slaughtered for their meat.


We hope that stories like Doggo’s spread awareness about the issue and help reduce animal cruelty in the future.


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