A Hero that rescues abused and old dogs that no one will ever want

It’s very heartwarming to see people like Steve doing their best to save animals, but what he is doing is totally special.

Steve was willing to adopt a dog, he selected a dog but they told him that this dog was already adopted, so he searched for another dog and he found that the bond was created instantly, he spotted Engelbert, the dog that no one ever looked at because of his endless list of health problems.

1-Steve’s pack:

What Steve thought about at that moment was if I walked away and didn’t take that dog, no one ever will. So he adopted Engelbert.

When Engelbert arrived to his new home, Steve introduced him to the new family. 6 dogs, one pig, a cat, a rabbit, and some other animals.

1 (1)

At this moment, Engelbert understood what his new owner is doing, he is rescuing the abused animals that faced lots of hard circumstances in their life, those that no one will ever look at them, and he gave them a second chance at life, giving them endless love.

2-Meet Engelpert the dog, he was abused by his family, and his two back legs don’t work properly.


3-And this is how he loves to be carried.


4-Steve said: Everyone has an Engelbert, and he is waiting for you in one of those local shelters.


5- Phyllis, another family member that is blind, yet she sees how much she is loved.


6-Edna, a 12 years old dog that was abused by her owners who gave up on her, and her story is the same as Engelbert, Steve was her only hope.


What Steve does is really precious, he is an amazing person, he gave second chances for those animals that may have not even got it for the rest of their lives if he didn’t meet them.

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