She was chained for 14 years. Old man finds her and changes her life!

Thayne Hamilton and his late wife, Christine epitomized kindness. They went above and beyond themselves to do for others at their own expense. Ten years ago, they founded Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary in Orcas Island, Washington.

Over the years, they rescued over forty dogs; elderly dogs deemed unadoptable from all over the United states. These abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs, according to Thayne weren’t wanted just for health reasons, but they didn’t do well with people.

They may have bitten someone and therefore, been added to a euthanasia list. These dogs were saved from kill shelters and taken to the five-acre refuge.

In 2013, Christine died, but she wanted the legacy of the sanctuary to live on. In a video from Talk It Up TV, you can see the love and admiration Thayne had for his wife.

Christine came to the US from England. During the Vietnam war, she fostered over seventy children and rescued dogs. She inspired Thayne to become involved in her crusade to give those animals no one else wanted a second chance at living a happy dog life.

Thayne began his work rescuing dogs after suffering several industrial accidents. The dogs inspired him to get back up and recover. He put it this way: If these dogs who’ve suffered abuse and neglect can find the will to survive and be happy, so could he. Thayne vowed to make a difference for these animals.

Grey Muzzle has a cemetery where every dog who’s passed over the Rainbow Bridge has a grave marker. Thayne builds every casket out of recycled materials. In honor of Christine, he even created an actual Rainbow bridge with twenty spirals which represent all the dogs they’ve lost.

Thayne says this place is very peaceful for both him and the dogs. Deer even like to come and lay there to chill.

Thayne Hamilton and his late wife, Christine, perfectly exemplify this description of kindness. Over the past 12 years, the duo has rescued over forty elderly dogs from kill shelters all across the country.

An obstacle Thayne and Christine faced before Christine’s tragic death was not having insurance. Christine was sent home from the ICU because she didn’t have insurance. She and Thayne couldn’t cover her mounting medical bills.

In short, Christine gave the ultimate sacrifice. She wanted the dogs and Thayne to be able to live on the property instead of ensuring she had hospice care during her final days. She died surrounded by Thayne and her beloved animals.

We highly recommend you watch the video from talking It Up TV. We can’t express in words the utter love, and passion Thayne has for these once unwanted animals. They’re his life, his everything.

When the local community learned of Thayne’s efforts, business owners pitched in and donated pet supplies and goods to help out. An attorney will also assist Thayne to establish the sanctuary as a 501C non-profit.

One of the rescued dogs they have saved is Lilla. She had previously been chained up for 14 years.

One of the many dogs taken in by Grey Muzzle is Lilla. Before her rescue, this sweet girl was chained up for fourteen years. When Lilla arrived at gray Muzzle, her condition was horrible. Her legs were virtually glued to her body. This didn’t deter Thayne. He helped Lilla move around by using a wheelbarrow.

Despite undergoing personal sacrifices, Thayne and Christine never lost sight of their goals. The dogs came first in their lives. They recognized if they didn’t help these dogs, no one would. They’re the real image of selflessness.

Dog lovers understand this passion, this love the Hamilton’s have. It’s not something you can put into words but actions, which Thayne continues to do every. single. Day.

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