Man Who Put Dog In A Cage By A Rising Tide Feels The Judges Wrath!

This case is particularly sad and deeply disturbing, we remember it well from when we first heard about this terrible case, well the judge too surprises everyone…

The guy from Long beach was accused of trying to drown his dog in the Highlands last month was ORDERED by the judge to stay in jail while waiting for his trial, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

He is 36 years-old, Alan Davies, gave himself into the police to face the animal cruelty and abandonment charges, he could face 5 years in prison if convicted!

The pit bull was caged and put right on the shoreline as the tide was beginning to rise, near the Veterans Memorial Park on Bay Avenue.

During the scheduled hearing the Judge at Monmouth County was very clear on his order for Davies to stay in jail!

The attorney Adamo Ferreira for the defense was even surprised by what the judge ordered, even though his client was being charged with the lowest grade of felony, perhaps the judge is a dog lover too…

We dog lovers are everywhere, so all those that seek to hurt dogs, now is the time to run far away, because in this modern age there is no hiding from justice, we are armed with video cameras on our phones!

Jennifer Vaz lives near the Highlands and happened to be walking her own dog Molly, it was her who found the pit bull, Molly barked at something, towards the water’s edge, so they went to look…

Within the hour he would have been drowned, that poor scared doggie, we can now hope that justice will be done for this terrible act!

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