Man Guilty Of Dragging A Dog With A Car Is Appealing Against It!

Pets are like the glue that binds us together emotionally, they are our support mechanisms, they are always there, this sad case begins when Officers had to follow a trail of blood…

The trail of blood was about a quarter mile long and at the end of the trial, the police found the dog.

It was completely awful, not just the sight of the blood but the marks that had been made on the ground were the marks of severe pain and trauma, the poor dog must have been in crushing pain.

Paul Wayne Patty, 57 years-old was convicted of animal cruelty, and rightly so after he admitted to dragging the dog behind a vehicle, we can’t imagine what would lead anyone to such a gruesome thing!

Paul Patty could not be reached to make a comment and his attorney, didn’t return calls or emails, he obviously didn’t want to comment either, who could blame him what would he say about such a heinous thing.

animal cruelty

It all happened on April 2, the Millbrook Police Department reports say that he drove his El Camino, down River Oaks Road.

Police Chief P.K. Johnson said:

“…we followed the blood trail about a quarter of a mile …then found the dog.”

animal cruelty
Paul Wayne Patty, 57 years-old was convicted of animal cruelty!

The Labrador/retriever/bulldog mix breed dog has severe injuries, he had abrasive burs to his side and stomach too, the pads of his feet were ground down deep…

Patty’s defense to the police was he didn’t know that the dog had been tied to the vehicle, are you convinced? …because we are not, at all!

The dog, with excessive injuries, was taken to the Blue Ridge Animal clinic, thankfully, he has made a really outstanding recovery, what a brave doggie too!

He has been adopted by Caitlin Barnett who also just happens to work as a veterinary technician at the clinic, he is so pleased to have him!

The court case was presided over by Judge Ben Pool, who gave patty a 60-day sentence in jail, he also was ordered to pay $500 in a fine and a further two years probation.

He will also have to pay an amount of ‘restitution’ to pay vets fees, to cover the dog, Remi’s treatment, that amount had not been determined by the court.

animal cruelty

The judge’s judgment has been ‘stayed’, as they have appealed the court’s judgment, no courthouse date has been set for the appeal yet… Surely anyone should pay for what they to do another animal, another being, another animal cruelty …

We don’t know what will happen to him, but how do you think courts should deal with cases like this?

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