Man Said His Dogs Tail Was Rotting, So He Cut It Off With Branch Cutters

We all occasionally go through the terrible situation of having a problem with our beloved pooch, but never do we attempt to be a vet or surgeon at home for animals, well some seem to disagree…

This guy from Sarasota County was in fact charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty for what he did to his dog…

The deputies say that he cut off part of his own dogs tail, of all things he used a pair of branch clippers, he said it looked like his tail was rotting.

The officers came to his home to check the welfare of his doggie on Aug 17 after a neighbor reported concerns about his dog Randy.

As the animal services arrived the doggie, Randy, had many bandages on his tail and front legs too, the guy told them that it was infected.

Animal services said that he should take the animal to the emergency vet and get him treated properly, of course, that was the most sensible thing to do, right?

Just a few hours later the officers sent word to Parkway Animal Hospital in Sarasota, to say that the removal of Randy’s bandages gave them a surprise, a portion of his tail was missing, cut off!

The guy, Vega-Padron, sad that he had cut off the dogs tail because it was rotting!?

When the deputies searched his home the found the end of the dogs tail and a pair of branch cutters.

The staff at the vets confirmed that the dog had previously had a fracture in its tail and it should have been removed surgically by professionals, certainly not at home with a pair of cutters!

Later on, on Tuesday, Vega-Padron was subsequently released on a $1,500 bond…

Thankfully Randy has since been found a lovely home, he has been adopted and its thought that over time he will make a full recovery, thank goodness!

We only hope that Vega-Padron gets his just punishment, but thankfully Randy is now safe and in a loving home.

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