Video captures man cruelly beating his terrified dog!


A man has been arrested after he was filmed apparently beating a dog behind a white van in the middle of the day.

The man was recorded in Oldham yesterday while walking his dog. He appears to pull the dog, believed to be called Narla; to get her to move along before crouching alongside it.

Then he starts punching the helpless animal; picks it up and throws it to the ground before starting to punch it again.

The footage has been shared and uploaded by a number of users but appears to have been first uploaded by Misha Javed.


She wrote: So earlier this afternoon this disgusting man assaulted his dog! I can’t believe how anyone can even do something like that to their own dog!!

I don’t even want to imagine what he would do to the dog indoors. It knocks me sick even thinking about it and i’m hoping the pet is still ok.

Please can everyone who lives in Oldham share this post around; so we can find out who the actual owner is as he needs to be punished for this cruel act and have his dog taken away from him!

‘When my brother confronted him he said its “none of his concern” a few times; and let the dog off the lead and ran off after his pet. We have reported it but please share this as animal cruelty needs to be stopped and he needs to be found. Thank you.’

Another user posted earlier this morning that the man had two dogs and they have now both been seized following the incident.

Police said a 35-year-old man had handed himself to police and was arrested for animal cruelty.

Chief Inspector John Haywood said:’ At around 10.25am on Monday 1 May 2017 a report was made to police after a video of a man assaulting a dog in the Oldham area had been circulated on social media.

‘Whether against a human or animal; violence is never the answer and we will continue to root out those people who think it is to put a stop to their disgusting behaviour.

‘The man in custody will be questioned later today and we will be working closely with our partners throughout this investigation.’


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