Man who beat his dog to death with a baseball bat faces 5 years in prison!

A Louisiana man was sentenced to five years in prison for beating his dog to death. In June 2014, he hit the dog with a baseball bat over and over again, until it was dead.

A couple has been taken into police custody after committing a questionable act – beating up an innocent dog for no reason after rendering it defenseless.

Jamari Jackson, from Prairieville, could have received up to ten years imprisonment for aggravated cruelty to animals. He was found guilty in July, and the judge, Jason Verdigets, explained that the case was more one of criminal negligence, and not criminal intent.

His girlfriend, 25-year-old Sammi Corley, was his accomplice – she hosed the dog down with strong flows of water while he bashed it continuously.

Both of them were arrested and jailed in the Ascension Parish Jail, and later released on bond.

Have a look at this man:


The pet, a female Pit Bull, was trapped in a barbed wire fence. Jackson said that he beat the dog with the bat to knock her out.

So he could release her from the fence easily, as she would be relaxed when unconscious.

The dog passed away at an animal hospital after she was found by Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies. Animal activists were happy with the sentence.

The couple’s dog has reported to have crossed the rainbow bridge whilst at an animal hospital, after she was brought in by local authorities from the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

A lot of people who have gotten away with mistreating animals with nothing more than a minor punishment. This has to stop.

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