Man Attaches Weights To His Dog Then Throws His Ball Into The Water!

The lengths some people take to be cruel to animals it truly disturbing and as we are learning, its one step from being a threat to humans too. This is one of those despicable cases where cruelty doesn’t quite sum up the depth of what as done!

The Leesburg Police Department said that this guy had been arrested on charges of animal cruelty because his dog was drowned…

The deeply disturbing part of all this a that his dog was wearing a 13-pound weight belt, my stomach turns to think about an innocent doggie killed this way!

The guy, Jose Dennys Luque, 44-years-old, from Oklahoma, was arrested Sunday night and the weights he used were diving weights strapped to the dog.

A witness said that the guy was throwing a ball for the German Shepard to retrieve it, at a boat ramp, the German Shepard Was jumping into the water to fetch the ball…

animal cruelty
Jose Dennys Luque, 44-years-old, from Oklahoma, would you trust that face?

Police were, of course, called out to the location, the witness said that she heard the dog yelping loudly and it sounded like the dog was drowning and calling for help.

It appeared that the dog’s owner and other bystanders dived into the water to try to rescue the dog. After a very short time, just a few minutes the owner got out of the water and left, without the dog!

The woman was shocked and confronted the dog owner, she asked him what he was doing and why the dog had the weight belt on…

Apparently, the guy said: “These things happen!”

The police recovered the dog’s body about two hours later approximately 20 feet from the end of the boat ramp, the Leesburg Fire Department searched using a treble hook and rope to drag on the bottom of the lake for the body, which still had 13 pounds strapped to it!

Thankfully the witnesses took the guy license place number and a description of his vehicle, the police soon located him parked nearby.

He told police he came back to look for the dog’s body, but really did he even care about that?

The report said:

“It should be noted that the defendant [Luque] did not at any time attempt to contact emergency services during the incident or the approximate 2 hours from the time of the incident.”

Such a cold and deeply disturbing thing to do to an intelligent and innocent animal, and then, shamefully, to deny what he did, could it be worse, the pain and suffering he inflicted to that poor German Shepard.

It was reported too, that he told police that he was doing an experiment in weight training with his dog and that he made several attempts to rescue the dog but his muscles were cramping and he had to get out of the water.

Are thoughts rest with the beautiful German Sheppard and we hope you are at peace on the other side of the rainbow and finally free to run and be happy!

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