Sheriff’s Office Deputy Shoots His Dog In Front Of 5 Year Old Boy

Shooting a dog is a serious matter and so it should be too, there are limited circumstances where such extreme measures are called for, and those times are rare and the very last choice, this one dog owner deeply believes that this was not one of those times…

The sheriff’s deputy shot and killed this guys dog in the guys home nonetheless… The owner is, of course, demanding answers and some accountability from the officer involved!

Troy Ennis, the owner, said:“It’s about justice for my dog …He was trying to play, and he got shot.”

His dog is a pit bull/hound mix named D. and his owner loves him dearly, he will be greatly missed! The sheriff’s office deputies were called to his house on 26 February because of a domestic incident at Ennis’s home which is on the 100th block of Waltz Drive…

There were about 2 minutes of dash cam video released by the sheriff’s office approximately at the time the deputies arrived on scene.


In the video you can hear the deputy speaking, he says:

“Can you put these dogs up? …Came right at me, slammed the door in his face.”

Another deputy then says:

“I thought you were going to smoke him.”

The first deputy says: “I almost did.”


The video does not actually show what happened inside the home…

Ennis says that one of the dogs was placed inside a crate and D. was put into the bedroom, he said that is the point when he turned and D got around him and to the deputies.

Ennis said:

“I was reaching trying to grab him. And that’s when bam! And, I’m like, ‘You just shot my dog,’ …I couldn’t believe it. I was reaching for him. I wasn’t touching him, but I had my hands right at his hips to pull him back. And, it was too late.”

They shot the dog in front of the little 5-year-old boy, how awful for him!

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department said, allegedly, in an email that:

…the 58-pound dog “charged aggressively” and that “the dog lunged at the deputy’s face.”

Tamara Gibbs wrote that:

“As with all grievances, the Sheriff’s Office is conducting a thorough review of the events leading up to the shooting incident. That internal investigation is incomplete and ongoing at this time.”

Ennis claimed that he had been talking with the sheriff’s office since the incident and the captain told him he would be told more by Tuesday. When this didn’t come about he then contacted News outlets about what was going on!

“He just loved all people, all people,” said Ennis. “I think the dog saw him and wanted to play. The dog played with the kids, with those Nerf guns all the time trying to catch the darts.”


The sheriff’s office wouldn’t identify the officer who shot the dog, but Ennis said that he would like to see further action, for example, additional training and disciplinary action is taken to ensure it didn’t happen again!

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