Maine governor issues full pardon to dog slated to be euthanized

The governor of Maine, who once suggested bringing back the guillotine for the sake of “public executions,” issued a full pardon to a dog sentenced to death after it killed a smaller pup last winter.

An Augusta District Court earlier this year demanded Dakota — a 4-year-old Huskie — be euthanized when she escaped confinement ordered after she killed a dog in February 2016.

Following the deadly attack, her owner had been required to keep Dakota “adequately confined or on a short leash;” but failed to do so, resulting in another incident where the dog was again aggressive toward smaller canines and ultimately, her death sentence.

But after learning about Dakota from a member of the Humane Society’s board; Gov. Paul LePage “reviewed the facts of the case” and decided to offer the pup “a full and free pardon;” according to a press release.


Following the incident, Winslow Animal Control Officer Chris Martinez said he received reports of a dog running around the neighborhood.

Dakota was eventually dropped off at the Humane Society as a stray; with animal control determining it was safe for the pup to be put up for adoption.


Dakota’s new owners, however, were unaware there was a court hearing involving their new pet and her previous owner.

They were summoned and ordered to put Dakota down within 48 hours. When they didn’t, Martinez issued a warrant for the dog, the news site reported.

“The new owners are being requested to take their dog to be euthanized. They have not been given due process;” a letter from the Humane Society to District Attorney Maeghan Maloney reads. “The new owners were not aware of the more recent court case, nor the date for it, and therefore were not involved with the proceedings.”

According to the letter Dakota hasn’t shown any aggression toward other dogs or people while at the shelter.

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