Lucky Loki: American Bulldog survives after being hit by 13 trains

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) — A Kuna family is facing more than $7,000 in vet bills after their dog was hit by several trains. What’s astonishing is that the dog, american bulldog lived, despite the number of trains that ran over it.

Loki hobbles well on his three legs, and is quite stable for a dog who was hit a week ago. “He’s slowly getting back to his old self – he gets around and plays with our other dog,” said owner Ryan Rossi. Rossi said the family’s Pit Bull/ American Bulldog mix wandered off last Wednesday, only to be hit by a train.

Then another, And another, and another – – in all: “Thirteen trains ran over him,” Rossi said. On that last train, a conductor finally noticed the 14-month-old puppy hurt on the tracks and called for help.

Loki was identified through his microchip. A local vet told the Rossi family that Loki had lost a leg, an eye and his tail. Despite that… “He was walking the day after we brought him home,” Rossi said. That was Saturday, and ever since, Loki continues to be on the mend.

For the Rossi family, who initially worried they’d have to put the dog down, they’re now wondering if perhaps Loki should be called Lucky.

“Words cannot describe it whatsoever,” Rossi said. “He’s not just a dog – he’s family.”