Super Lonely Dog Can’t Find A Home Because Of His Bat Ears!

Stereotypes and dogs are something that not many of us are aware effects dogs so much, for example, black dogs remain in shelters the longest, but there are other features in dogs that can cause just the same issue…

This one doggie is really finding it hard to get a forever home just because of his stunning ears, which we think are one of his best features!

However, though, people seem put off by his huge batty ears. This collie crossbreed cammed Tug was found abandoned in a bad way, cared for by the RSPCA, a British association that protects animals.

He made a full recovery, of course, but sadly the 12-year-old dog hasn’t even had a single person ask about him in three months he has been there, we feel very sad for him.

Danni Holder, Kennel supervisor, said:

“When he came in Tug was in such an awful state. ‘His coat was badly matted that he had to be completely shaved.”

“I suppose this has resulted in his unusual looks and large bat ears. ‘It’s sad because he’s an absolutely wonderful dog, he’s old but has a real zest for life.”

“He’s been with us for a few months now but he hasn’t had any interest at all. ‘Not a single visitor, phone call, email or like on Facebook.”

“On paper, he’s the perfect dog for many families. He’s friendly, well-behaved, family-friendly and dog-friendly. ‘But no one seems to want him and it’s heartbreaking.”

“Tug really is the perfect pooch so it’s strange that he’s had no interest at all.”

Danni is asking people to at least consider him and come to meet him in the Coventry branch of the RSPCA!

We think that he is adorable and his ears are his shining feature without a doubt he really will make a really fine doggie for one lucky adopter!

Please do see if you can help by telling everyone you know about this doggie, and maybe he will find the forever home he really deserves!

Danni said:

“He’s a lovely boy – he’ll pull on your heartstrings and win you over in no time at all.”

What do you think ?