A Local Man Beat Roommate’s Pit Bull To Death For Chewing His Air Jordans !!

A local man faces animal cruelty charges after being arrested for beating his roommate’s dog.

A local man faces animal cruelty charges after being arrested on Wednesday In Boynton Beach, Florida. For beating his roommate’s dog and tying the dog to a doorknob out in the sun. With no food or water as a punishment leading to the dog’s death.

Marquan Parks, 22, is alleged to have beaten a young pit bull mix with the name Puma, for chewing on his Air Jordans.

According to Puma’s owner, Donovyn Gousse, he had asked another roommate to care for his dogs. But when he returned home, Puma was dead. The dog had been left tied to a door knob with a choke chain.

As the events leading to Puma’s death unraveled. a Facebook conversation involving “Deww Parks” and another person may have told the story.

He wrote:
“…dogs with no food or water for week all I did was punch it in the nose a few times, then left…. How df else do u discipline a pit bull foh bitch that runs around the world if it’s not chained up.”

According to AbcNews, Parks stated Gousse confessed to hitting Puma. And leaving her tied to the doorknob, but said the Puma was alive when he left.

A necropsy revealed the dog died from strangulation and heat stroke. Her eyes were noticeably bulged out, her neck, throat and tongue were swollen, and there was evidence of blood pooled in her mouth.


When interviewed by authorities, Parks told police the dog had chewed his shoes and had defecated in the house. He admitted to punching Puma three times in the face and left Gousse’s two dogs in backyard when he left.

When he returned, Puma had run away, and so he attached her to the doorknob. And admitted he had not given her any water or food despite the stifling South Florida heat.

Parks blamed his other roommate for failing to care for the dogs and said he never meant to hurt Puma.

Parks was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail and later released on $3,000 bond. Rest in peace Puma.