Little Girl Has Tear-Jerking Reaction When She Is Reunited With Rescue Puppy !!!

Elizabeth is only 7 years old, but already she has a heart of pure gold. One day she volunteered on a New Jersey pet rescue mission.

It was there where she met a rescue puppy and fell in love. But to her dismay, she wasn’t allowed to keep the little critter, Lorelai.

Elizabeth can barely speak about the puppy without tearing up.

“I like helping and I really wanted the puppy,” Elizabeth says. “She went back in the van.” Elizabeth and her mom went on the Meredith Vieira Show and gave the world a real treat. Meredith trots out a big old silver box, telling Elizabeth that there’s a surprise for her.

When she opens up the box, there’s Lorelai for hers to keep. It was all tears, tears, tears. Some people are just destined to help and care for others.

Elizabeth wears her heart right on her sleeve, and it is a very big one. She grabs a hold of Lorelai and smothers her with love, tears of happiness, and kisses.

The 7-year-old promises Meredith that she will take good care of her new baby girl. The moment is all joy and happiness. You will not want to miss this reaction!

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