Lion King Actor Adopts This Little Dog, It Changes His Life Forever!

This famous actor, Stephen Carlile, has earned at least some of his fame for his part, portraying Scar in various stage productions of “The Lion King,” but he has another deeper passion…

Carlile really loves dogs, but sadly for him, he was not allowed to have one for the most part of his life.

He said: – “My parents all said, ‘You can’t have a dog, you’re an actor!’ …‘You’re never around to look after a dog. It’s not possible’.”

He had a much different idea though, he said:“I could take the dog to work; in the day we’re at home …t could be an exceptional life for a dog.”

The British actor moved to New York to make a Broadway debut back in 2017, with his lovely wife, called Emily.

They both knew that they wanted to adopt a dog, with a lot of research and a lot of time took look for the right dog for them.

There was a shelter, called The Looking Glass in upstate New York, after many weeks of looking there, they found a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix called Sugar.

Carlile said:

“She showed me the picture from across the room and we were both like, ‘THAT is the dog!’”

Sugar was really adorable, but to add to her charm she had an amazing story too!

Sugar was abandoned in a Brooklyn apartment by her last owners. Her hair was so long and matted that her eyes were matted closed.

She was dehydrated, thin as a pin, and had serious eye infections. No one knows just how long Sugar was abandoned for but, going by condition, it was quite a while.

Sugar was taken to a kill shelter by the police, thankfully then through ‘The Looking Glass’ came in and picked her up.

They treated her and untangled her hair, as Carlile went to pick her up she had only recently been shaved down and had been spayed earlier in the day.

Carlile said:

“She looked like a worm,”

But they really loved her, she was going to be great!

They haven’t owned a dog before, so she sleeps in their bed on a pillow they bought for her, so sweet!

She still was having difficulty seeing, and they woke up to her bumping around the room in the middle of the night, bless her!

She soon learned how to find Carlile and tell him she wanted to be lifted into the bed again.

Carlile said:

“I thought ‘Why not? This dog’s been through such hardship [and] heartache, so let’s just have her on the bed!’.”

From that moment, she slept with them on their bed.

They grew closer as each day passed and she was all the time to recover and getting better by leaps and bounds.

If Emily is no hole and also Carlile happens to be performing, he takes Sugar to work with him, Sugar is a real regular at the Broadway gigs.

Carlile said:

“The [Lion King] cast and crew really adore Sugar…Everyone in the building knows who she is.”

They have really grown close and Sugar has really made herself at home, sleeping whenever she likes, completely relaxed wherever they go together.

Sugar get attention from everyone she meets and she really has landed on her feet, so to speak, but no more than she deserves, and she really does deserve a happy life with love and affection.

Carlile said:

“It was at Christmas I think when we gave her her first bone … and it was quite sad for a second because she took the bone and she put it on the floor and just stared at it and looked over it for about 10 minutes”

But then after a little while she also pieced the whole thing together, she loved the bone and got stuck into munching that bone away completely.

Sugars dreams, if she has any really were answered, and deservedly so…

Carlile said:

“She’s the most loved dog …She gets a lot of love [at home] … and when she goes to work, she gets even more.”

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