He Was Licked By A Dog, Now He Has No Hands Or Legs

Many of us love our dogs and they love us, but could you imagine that your dog could do this to you, without even realizing it was happening…

This 48-year-old father lost his legs and hands all because he was licked by a doggie, now sadly, he is preparing for even more operations still.

The terrible state he is in is really evident by the pictures of him in the hospital bed, he says that his nose is also about to fall off.

He said:“They told me my nose is mummified too, it is almost like a frostbite”

This poor guy, called Manteufel, had his life completely changed when he went to a party in the neighborhood close to his home…

During the party he sad that there were five dogs, approximately, swimming in the pond, he petted them all, of course, he said.

The doctors told him that they think that the bacteria from the dog’s saliva after it licked him, caused sepsis, this is where the problems started.

He said:

“I ended up not washing my hands and rubbing my eye or my face and my mouth, somehow”

He owned a dog himself, called Ellie, she has actually been ruled out as the source of the infection, also she was not at the party and she doesn’t lick either…

The veterinarian Dr. Jeffrey Werber, from Beverly Hills, said that the bacteria that caused the infection is called capnocytophaga canimorsus and is found in about 75% of dogs, but the infection of humans is very rare.

Dr. Jeffrey said:

“This happened to be a case of a very unusual outcome, very rare …I think that the CDC reported something like 12 cases last year.”

After the party itself Manteufel started with symptoms, he was developing the early signs of sepsis, his son said his father was speaking utter gibberish…

Dr. Werber maintains:

“In my opinion, you can have your dog lick you and yes, you will be fine”

Manteufel is incredibly positive about it all and is just happy that he is alive, he is helping his son and wife through the ordeal in fact!

The doctor that is treating Manteufel has said that 99 percent of all dog owners will never have to deal with this awful ordeal, but that there ‘is’ a very small chance of infection from dog saliva…

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