A Letter To My Best Friend, Before He Passes Over The Rainbow!

I want to tell you to begin with how touched and incredibly lucky I feel for you to be in my life, you were my very first doggie and because of that there will be many more after you, I will have many more dogs in my life because of how you impacted my life…

You have been my teacher and I have learned more than I ever expected I would from a dog, you have imparted on to me more than I could ever have realized I could get from a pet, even though when we first encountered I didn’t want it!

Your bossy and bright, fizzy and energetic, however so, you captured me in your sight and calmed your cries for whimsical things and rested obedient by my heel.

You choose, me, and without hesitation dove into my car, without even an invitation, no need to look back… I don’t know where precisely you came from, but it was of no importance to you, all is well!

You did everything in your power to tell me that your deepest desire was to be the best dog and you were so elegantly, by my side when I fell and even when the emergency services had to come for me, you were faithfully there.


You lapped the tears from my face with your rough, gentle tongue as I cradled my heart, smashed to smithereens, you pridefully joined my at my wedding, at my side every step of the way, even down the aisle.

You rejoiced to have my husband in our lives and willingly welcomed our children into our pack, just like your own puppies, but time has passed by, and nothing lasts forever…

There is a distant shadow that moves ever closer to us, blacking out all the joy from our lives together, you struggle to play but I can still hear your heart sing to me, the stairs have grown to the heights of Everest and you breathe like you’re at the summit.

I love you more with each passing day because I know you and all dogs like you are the greatest gift of all, your short time on this planet is truly one of life’s cruel tricks.

You forced me to live in each present second of life, hold no malice to anyone, accept myself willingly and as I am, above all play and love unconditionally and am equally a better human being for your wisdom.

You are always and forever my best friend, even now your far away, my closest partner in life, faithfully always with me in life, even though the dreadful shadow following us has nearly captured you and taken you away from me, the time is coming soon now.

Tomorrow I will grip you paw firmly and I will keep hold of you, the shadow will come but I will stay, your head can rest against me, like the deepest of companions we always have been, you will feel safe on your final journey.

Until your last breath and your last moments of your journey I will be with you how you have been with me, I will hold you all the way to your destination.

Forget now, sweet doggie, your pain, and tiredness that you feel, look to the other side and feel safe in my hands.

You will stay in my heart forever, run free now and remember all our best memories, while you run in the through the fields beyond the rainbow, sweet dreams sweet prince, my best friend ever.

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