He was Let Go 5 Times In 1 Year – Before The Shelter Realized Why!

This poor pup was with five completely different owners in less than a year, a truly remarkable and a bit sad also for the poor pup Ivor, he was certainly confused!

He was here there and everywhere, from dog shelter to dog shelter, such a great number of owners were really a bit much for him, he wanted stability and love in a forever home.

Just when he got to one place, he would start to settle then get turfed out, again and again, the family’s said about hit that there was something wrong with him and he couldn’t hear!?

Towards the end of 2017, the pup came back to a rescue organization called the RSPCA, it was the fifth time he had lost his home and his family, he was so sad!

Ivor was special and beautiful, but they all said that he was a dog that would not stop barking!

The shelter had to take action, they needed to get tot he bottom of what was going on, for Ivor’s sake, the reason though was a real heartbreak!

It’s not often that things like deafness are picked up in dogs by a breeder, it can be missed, well they decided to test Ivor and they knew straight away, he was deaf, no wonder he had so much trouble fitting into his new homes.

None of the previous owners had known Ivor was deaf, but fortunately, the animal lovers at the shelter immediately began to learn sign language to communicate with the pup.

What’s more, Ivor learned quickly himself.

The volunteers first taught him to come close by making him touch the palm of their outstretched hand. They then introduced him to other basic commands.

This time when they ût Ivor up for adoption they made it clear that he was deaf and need a loving considerate home for a deaf doggie.

Ellie Bromilow came and adopted Ivor, they were a perfect combination for each other, there was a near instant connection between them magical!

The RSPCA taught Ivor many commands, now they knew he was deaf, to help him in his new home… Ivor just needed to discover the world with his new owner.

This time was for sure going to be different than all the other times!

Ellie said:

“He’d already learned the sign command for “sit” and “come” from the staff at the RSPCA center, but now he knows lots more like “lie down”, “stay”, “all gone” and he’s learning “roll over” “

As it happens Ivor is a super smart dog, all he needed was to learn about the world in his own special quiet way!

Ivor has a super sense of smell as he is deaf, it’s even more heightened, he really likes to play hide and sniff to find things his owner had hidden too!

On Ivor’s Facebook page it says:

“While other dogs may miss things, my eyes are trained to observe everything. Even when I sleep, I see all, I feel the vibration of doors and footsteps and can sniff a piece of ham from a mile away”

Ivor is relaxed and loves his sleepy time too, especially when he can snuggle into his owner’s bed after a long day having fun.

He loves walks with Ellie and has a really well-developed way to communicate with her too, how very special they are together!

He watches for signals and to know what to do, he really is a clever and well-adjusted doggie now in his forever home!

Ellie said:

“Having a deaf dog is just like having a hearing dog. We still speak to him as we sign and I chat with him a lot, even though he can’t hear a word”

To have a dog that is deaf is a little hard, but Ellie really does seem to have it licked, she takes really great care of him!

We hope they have the best times together and that they are healthy and happy for a very long time.

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