Leopard Scared Off By Incredible And Fearless Dog In The Forest

Sometimes we all need a little limelight, that is to say, out fifteen minutes of fame! We are all going to supposedly get this time, this fearless dog has come to see his time!

Well at least he got a little of his fame before it kind of fizzled out and something else stole the limelight…

Certainly, the dog was quite happy there by himself until a bus full of tourists turned up on safari, who would have known it?

This doggie had his moment he could show off, so he went to lay down, to bask in the attention, that is until a very annoying leopard came along and stole all the glory.

It all happened at the Jhalana Safari Park near Jaipur, Rajasthan in India, between the two animals, you can see it all in the video below…

People visiting the safari park saw a young leopard stalking the dog while hiding behind the bushes, they kept their cameras at the ready, then the leopard pounced at the dog…

Caught off guard and by surprise, in fear of his life the dog mounted a counterattack, today was a day for a fight, not flight!

The dog was making as much noise as he could, barking non-stop, he was giving it his all in the face of danger.

The leopard, two-years-old and female, called Juliet by the local officials, looked stunned, looked at the dog for a while then walked away quite astounded!

The dog, of course, continued to bark, tail firmly held between legs at the feat of the whole affair, almost like the dog was shouting at the leopard!

The forest official said:

“Juliet left quietly as there were visitors in jeeps behind the dog. If not, it is unlikely that the dog would have survived the encounter.”

Now we are not behavioral experts or anything else like it, but it does seem that the leopard was pretty scared off by the dog!

Who would have thought it??

Watch the video and tell us what you thought:

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