Left In A Hot Car To Cook, Owner To Face Animal Cruelty Charges

If we had a dollar for every time we hear about a dog left in a hot car we would be rich, but we feel the importance of raising awareness about these cases is so important.

This poor 2-year-old dog had suffered a severe case of heat stroke from the terrible heat he could not escape trapped in the vehicle.

According to the Stark County Dog Warden, Jon Barber, the dog is making an amazing recovery, especially considering what he went through.

Taker, the doggie, who is an American Staffordshire had an internal temperature of 110 degrees after being dragged out of the car parked next to the Aultman Hospital.

Jon said: – “After 106 [degrees] they are in a heat stroke. This dog’s temperature was 110, so clearly it was in immediate distress and certainly was near death”

Jon said too that he was visiting the hospital when he saw that the dog was alone and trapped in the vehicle, parked in the visitor parking area, so he went straight to security to report it!

Outside that day it was around 87 degrees and Jon said that the temperature in the car he reckoned to be in the region of 120-130 degrees, how awful for that poor dog.

The window of the car was opened just the slightest amount, hardly at all and one of the doors was unlocked.

Security pulled the dog out of the car, the poor dog was passed out and lifeless at that stage, so it seemed and the police officer took him straight to the dog warden’s office hastily.

Jon said that the dog stayed passed out for about 36 hours but amazingly started to rouse again after the vet gave him lots of fluids and cold compresses to cool him and rehydrate him.

Security cameras showed that the dog was left in the car for about an hour and a half, according to the authorities.

The owner of the dog, called Lateia Williams, has been charged, of course, with animal cruelty which is actually a felony of the fifth degree, she would not speak to the news at all about it.

Jon said:

“The heat affects these dogs quicker than it does other dogs with a regular face and a regular nose”

The judge will now face the decision as to whether she can have her dog back after this terrible incident, we feel we have made that decision, if it were up to us, already!

If you have a dog or you know someone with a dog, or even see a dog in a car on a hot day, we urge you to think about the welfare of the dog, it’s so easy for them to suffer, trapped in a car the heat levels can rise so quickly and dangerously!

Jon said:

“If you’re uncomfortable in this heat, your dog is uncomfortable as well …You need to make sure you take precautions. Don’t let them out in the heat for any extended period of time. Absolutely don’t leave it in a car.”

We agree with you Jon, and we hope you will SHARE this message with everyone you know and let’s help spread the word as far as possible!

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