Labrador Who Road-Tripped The U.S. In Best-Selling “Travels With Casey” Passes Away

I have a heavy heart today, but also gratitude. Gratitude that I had the privilege of sharing most of my adult life with my dog, Casey. I had to put Casey to sleep yesterday, after the sudden onset of very grave symptoms. […] His tail wagged several times, and he kissed us. He was 13. He was a good boy.

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He also shares a collection of photos of Casey throughout the years, adding that “This week, I would love nothing more than for this page to be a celebration of his life and spirit.”

A man who loved his dog very much, Denizet-Lewis is understandably struck with sadness, but is dedicated to making this sweet dog’s memory a happy one.

I thought I would have longer to say goodbye, to thank him for loving me, for challenging me, for saving me, for reflecting my life back to me. Casey saw me at my best and, too often, at my worst. But he stuck around. He barked, smiled, kissed, sighed, chased—and barked some more, in case everyone within earshot missed it the first time. He was loved. I’m grateful that I was able to tell him that.

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Thanks for sharing your adventures and your life with us, Casey. We’ll miss you.

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