Kylie Jenner Pups Have Luxury Dog Mansion, Almost Good Enough To Live In!

We all love our dogs, but there are some people that really are extravagant in the extreme in everything they do, including their dogs too!

Kylie Jenner, the beauty mogul, was showing off to everyone the house that she has commissioned to be built for her dogs, and its way nicer than some apartments some people live in!

Kylie gave all her loyal followers a kind of preview of the mansion on Instagram, it’s heated and has Air Con too!

The top-notch canine-friendly house also has a super white fence with sporting its own mini porch too, it looks like it could accommodate people it’s that awesome!

Kylie’s social media shows off Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi, and they make appearances on her channel regularly, but her actual pet count is now nine, apparently!

She has puppies and chickens too, and what would it all be unless she also had a cute and adorable bunny too!

In her video this enigmatic 20-year-old is heard to have said:

“It’s almost done. They’re going to have their own little… it’s like a guest house.”

We wouldn’t mind too much having a stay there ourselves….. Not so bad at all…

Kylie’s new doghouse 7/3/18

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Favorite photo of all time lol.

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It really brings a new meaning to being in the dog house, count me into that dog house!

With an amazing Instagram following of more than 461,000 followers, together with lavish birthday parties, it’s no wonder that people are jealous of Jenner’s dogs, who wouldn’t be?

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