Manitoba kids accused of throwing a dog into a fire pit: ‘Body smoking’

In a disturbing situation in Manitoba, Canada, two young children are suspected of having thrown a dog into a fire pit on Sunday after stealing the dog off of a family’s porch.

According to CbcNews, Katie Powell, president and founder of Save A Dog Network Canada; stated two children ages 10 and 12 tossed the dog named Polo into a fire pit on the Red Sucker Lake First Nation.

“Polo ended up coming home about a half hour later. His whole body was smoking and he had smoke and bubbles coming from his nose,” Powell stated. “It was pretty horrific and obviously devastating for the family and the children that own this animal.”

Polo’s family called Powell’s organization for help; and arrangements were made to fly the eight-month-old puppy to Winnipeg where he arrived on Monday to the Tuxedo Animal Hospital.


The young Labrador retriever is in serious condition; yet he still tries to wag his tail in appreciation of the care he is receiving. The puppy has second-degree burns on his nose; mouth paws, testicles and belly.

The puppy’s long coat probably saved his life. In addition, Polo also suffers from a swollen throat; lungs, and his eyes present with ulcers from the smoke damage.


It is hoped Polo will be released soon and proceed to a foster home in the Vancouver area where he will require constant care. The family surrendered Polo because they want a safe place for their puppy.

At this time it is believed one of the children in the dog’s family has been the victim of bullying and taking their puppy was an act of cruelty done against the child.

The rescue organization has been working closely with the First Nations communities who have no access to veterinary care and have an abundance of stray dogs due to the lack of enough low cost and free spay and neuter programs.

There have been no arrests, but right now the focus is on Polo’s recovery and a building relationship with the community.

When Polo is healed, he will be available for adoption. Get well soon Polo.

Check out Polo’s video:


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