Kiah, A Rescue Dog Becomes The First Ever K9 Pit Bull In New York !!!

The Poughkeepsie Police Department is getting a new officer this week. But he is a bit different, he made history as he is the first K9 Pit Bull in New York! Kiah is fighting both crime and stereotypes, as she becomes the first pit bull to be ’employed’ by the NYPD.

Kiah has graduated from an Animal Farm Foundationprogramme that rescues and trains pit bulls for police detection work. She will be one of the first dogs to graduate from this special K9 training school. AFF are a non-profit animal rescue and advocacy group who are dedicated to ending pit bull stereotypes.

Kiah is 2-year-old and just 60 pounds with a smiling mouth, lolling tongue and a lovely caramel-and-white coat.

Kiah, the first k9 Pit Bull in New York.

AFF partnered withUniversal K9 and Austin Pets Alive! to rescue pitties and then train them for police detection work. Kiah is going to be one of the first graduates of this special program.

Kiah has shown her prowess in sniffing out people, so will be used to help out in missing person searches.

Officer Justin Bruzgul, Kiah’s new partner, says ‘breed doesn’t matter’, what does matter is the drive and willingness to work.

Bruzgul and K9 Kiah

From my point of view, this program is a win-win program, Pit bulls get rescued and get a free K9 dog officers. Moreover, Pit bulls fight their bad rep by joining Police Force. I am pretty sure that we would hear successful stories of Kiah with her handler make us proud of the whole breed.

Pit bulls are intelligent dogs, soft to their owners and relatively easy to train as they are eager to please their owners. With all phases of training, praise is a key element when it comes to the pit bull. Positive methods will work best for training this breed.

Can’t wait to see more k9 Pit Bulls in whole cities.

I do proud of you Kiah! You made the history.. Please SHARE Kiah’s story with your friends. And don’t forget to watch the video below!

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