Khalessi, The Pit Bull Who Taught Us All About The Power Of Hope, Has Passed Away

This beautiful dog has left us. Khalessi mom Stephanie Paquin said in a Facebook post on Thursday morning that Khalessi “told me she was ready and I could see she was tired.” She died at 8:43 a.m.

It seems almost inconceivable that Khalessi’s public life began less than a year ago.

Khalessi (2)

In August 2015, Stephanie and her husband Mike — who run a rescue group called Passion 4 Pits — found this young dog in a Florida shelter, missing half her face, her body filled with broken bones, from what appeared to be terrible abuse.

Stephanie and Mike gave this dog the name of a warrior queen. And then they gave her a wonderful life — both at home, and out in the world, where nearly overnight she became a beloved celebrity dog.

Khalessi (3)

Khalessi was even named underdog of the year, at the 2016 World Dog Awards — and accepted her award with a grin, and wearing a pretty pink outfit.

With her resilience, her smile, and her ability to charm the heck out of everyone who encountered her, Khalessi helped raise awareness about animal abuse.
She gave hope to folks who have suffered themselves – hope that things can get better. She proved that a terrible, vicious early start does not have to define someone’s entire life.

But, Khalessi’s spirit couldn’t erase the physical signs of her abusive past.

Khalessi (4)

Surgery helped repair Khalessi’s nose and mouth, and bones. In January, though, Khalessi’s kidneys began to fail. Doctors diagnosed her with babesia, an incurable condition that often afflicts dogs who have been forced to fight.