No justice for Journey – tragic outcome for neglected dog

There is no justice for a horribly neglected dog named “Journey.” The ailing dog was rescued this week from a home in Easley, South Carolina, and his condition was quite obviously, pitiful.

The full extent of Journey’s maladies was brought to light when he was taken to a veterinarian for an exam…it was revealed that Journey was suffering from ailments brought on by long-term neglect.

The exam showed that Journey was stricken with severe heartworms, as well as the following conditions:

• severe abdominal distension
• soft testicle
• fleas
• emaciated, poor body condition
• pyoderma
• worn teeth
• abscess right mandibular lip
• Positive ortalani – cannot rule out contribution from nutrition

The veterinarian determined that the only thing which could be done to ease Journey’s suffering was to humanely end his life. On February 16, Journey was released from the pain which had defined his sorrowful existence.

neglected dog

Nobody, however, will be held accountable for the blatant neglect which made death Journey’s only option.

According to Carmen Klapper, whose rescue took Journey under its wing, the Anderson County animal control officer visited Journey’s former owner and the only citation the man received was for not having rabies vaccinations on his dogs.

Klapper is outraged, heartbroken, and disgusted that Journey’s life (and years of suffering) apparently do not matter to the local officials.

She has requested that emails be sent to Officer McQueen at [email protected] by animal lovers who are equally outraged over this situation.

Facebook thread about this situation here.

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