It’s Just Unimaginable What Was Done To This Poor Dog Before Rescue

Any animal-lover will agree that one of the worst things to see in this world is an animal in pain.

That was the state of helpless little dog Mowgli when an elderly couple found him tied up in the woods. He had swollen paws, infected skin, and cuts all over his body.

The couple’s heart went out to this poor creature that had been so horribly abused, and after untying him, they brought him home.

Unfortunately, they knew they couldn’t care for him long-term, and a week later, Mowgli was off to his new home with Mysti Boehler, founder of StreetsToSheets Animal Rescue.

It took a little time until Mowgli would trust Boehler, after all, he’d had a rough experience with humans so far.

“He was just a pup and it was obvious by his condition that no one ever cared,” said Boehler.

She resolved to change that, and she made it her mission to help this dog have a better life.

It wasn’t easy, but Boehler dedicated her time and energy to Mowgli over the next few weeks, giving him medicated baths, pain meds, lots of food, and even more love.

“As soon as we got him home and laid with him and showed him our touch was out of love and we weren’t going to hurt him, he actually opened up to us,” Boehler said. “All he wanted was attention.”

Boehler started sharing Mowgli’s story and photo’s of the beautiful dog on the organization’s Facebook page, and soon, he started to amass quite a fan-base!

All of a sudden, Mowgli was getting gifts from supporters all around the world, like a bed, toys, and an assortment of treats.

One supporter, Christa Chilcote, started to form a connection with Mowgli from afar. She already had three dogs, but something about Mowgli spoke to her.

“I said to my husband, ‘I can’t let him go anyplace else but here,'” she says. “I bawled to my husband.”

Chilcote and Boehler had talked back and forth about the dog for a little while, and then, the topic of adoption came up.

“I could tell in her voice and by the words she spoke that she loved Mowgli like I could only dream a person could love him,” Boehler says, and so the decision was made: Mowgli would go home with Chilcote and her family!

It’s been two months since Chilcote adopted Mowgli, and it’s been a match made in heaven! He fits in great with Chilcote’s other dogs and has a great demeanor with her children.

It all started when Mowgli came into Mysti Boehler’s life and she made a solemn promise to the pain-stricken dog…

“I wanted him to know what love was,” she says. “That sounds so cliche but it’s true.”

It seems like Mowgli found the best possible home, and we love that there are good people out there like Boehler and Chilcote who are committed to making a huge difference in the lives of animals!

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