Jerod Mayo’s Dog Trainer Hides His Dog In Her House In A Trash Bag

To find out your dog is lost is devastating, but to then find out that your dog is never ever coming back, well that is something even worse as former New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo finds out…

Knox, the English bulldog owned by the linebacker went missing in June, at the time the dag was in the custody of the trainer.

It wasn’t long before the SPCA were involved and they actually found the dog, hidden in the trainer’s house, dead, she had been hiding the dog there.

The statement from the SPCA’s said: “Knox died while in the custody of the trainer, Amelia Ferreira. Ferreira is being charged by the Cranston Police Department, with one count of Obstruction, for concealing evidence relevant to this investigation.”

“Evidence revealed that Ferreira has known the whereabouts of Knox’s deceased body for several weeks and intentionally concealed his body from authorities. Cause of death is currently unknown, and additional charges relating to animal cruelty may follow, pending the results of a necropsy.”

Apparently, according to the media, Ferreira at first said to Mayo and police that Knox was missing and had run off during a walk in the park.

There was a search and they found his collar on one of the park trails, but then could not still find the dog

Later on the trainer changed her story completely, this time she said that Knox had escaped his crate at her house.

She didn’t mention that it was the case that she’d already stuffed his cold dead body into a trash bag and hidden it in a closet there.

Mayo’s heartbroken and outraged Instagram said:

“IT’s disgusting and inhumane that a company full of “dog lovers” would hide a family pet IN A CLOSET FOR TWO MONTHS and compulsively lie and send us on a wild goose hunt and our kids on an emotional rollercoaster.”

“Staging him running away, him being stolen, even him drowning having us knocking on doors sending us false leads as we searched two states.”

“We’ve hired scuba teams, private investigators, lawyers and more when they knew they HAD HIM IN THEIR HOME IN A TRASH BAG tucked away the whole two months.”

“Yeah A TRASH BAG! We raised Knox like our child as you guys can see from our photos and those of you who know us. It hurts to have to accept that our beloved Knox was thought of as trash as they saw our family hurtin”

What a terrible thing for another person to do, what is the world coming too!

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