DA Investigators Shoot Dog And Urinate On His Fence!

We love our dogs and feel very protective over them, so when someone does something to hurt them we feel super protective, but what if an officer of the law were to shoot your dog without provocation, what would you do?

This was just the case as a California man is both angry and upset after investigators affiliated with the District Attorney’s Office shot and killed his beautiful and lovely dog.

It happened while the dog was on his property then the officer proceeded to urinate on his fence, we are lost for words!

George Aguaristi is so upset by the whole incident, and even though the blood stains are now removed, the 61-year-old is left feeling horrified.

He has many signs posted around his perimeter warning people, visitors and alike about his dog Samson…

Sadly though it didn’t seem to be sufficient to save his lovely sweet pit bull from being shot that day, and by those sworn to protect us!

George said:

“I went in shock, I was just like ‘my son? What?’ He said, ‘Yeah, we had to put him down. He was aggressive.’ “

George also said that he was at home sleeping and woke up to realize that Samson was not there, he was gone!

There was a number attached to his door, it had been put there by the District Attorney!?

This made his heart jump, he wondered what was going on, but the real shock was when he watched the surveillance video of what really happened.

George said:

“They urinated on my fence, and it was insult to insult. I was heartbroken already, and when I saw it, it made me so angry that they could come to kill my dog and just urinate. It just makes me very angry.”

George said that the District Attorney’s office had not told him why they were there, at all!

Investigators said that the incident was regrettable, but they were there legally, to serve an arrest warrant, but were not prepared to give any other information out.

George says that he is not at all satisfied with the District Attorney’s complete absence of further information.

He fully intends to sue the county, he really feels a deep unconsolable pain, no one person should be above the law, and peoples actions should be investigated with due diligence.

George said:

“I loved him so much, and I want them to feel it, whether it’s in their pocket, I want them to feel the hurt that I feel.”

The District Attorney’s Office commented to say that a supervisor made several attempts to find the homeowner, then later on, over the phone, explained why they were there…

They also commented that the investigator who had also urinated on the fence is being handled internally.

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