Inventive Guy Finds a Special Way To Solve His Cats Problem With Heights!

We have many times heard the expressions of curiosity about cats, but this story really does take that one stage further, this one cart owner has an ingenious idea!

Chris Burten and his cat are very happy together, but one night Chris woke up with a start when he heard a weird noise that shocked him so much he shot out of bed super fast.

Chris’s cat really was crazy about jumping from the bedroom window on the first floor to the garage roof, at their house. The cat called Reggie normally makes the leap without any great effort, but one night the scratching noises indicated that was not the case.

Chris said:“It was about 6 a.m. and I was in bed with my window open when I hear him slipping on the windowsill, followed by a very cartoon Road Runneresque fading meow”

Chris and Danielle, his girlfriend, took Reggie to the vets super fast, they examined the cat and it turned out that Reggie was just fine after the fall, thankfully.

The cat had used one more of his none lives and walked away without a scratch, years of taking the shortcut to the garage, he really wasn’t gonging to stop it now.

Chris said:

“He’s found it an easier way to get in my room than through the house …I think he likes being up high, where he can get a good view over everywhere.”

Reggie is getting on now at about 9 years old, he doesn’t quite have an much spring in his step as he used to be so Chris thought that he had to do something to help.

Chris went on to say:

“I realized if he fell again he might not be so lucky …so a bridge was the only option!”

Chris thought carefully about what he could do, and came to a conclusion, he had the idea to make a little bridge, it would literally bridge the gap, so hopefully no more mishaps from now on.

Chris then said:

“I’ve never visited the Golden Gate Bridge in person, but watched one of those British Pathé early 1900s documentaries about its construction and became instantly fascinated …It’s such a cool structure!”

Chris put quite a bit of effort into the construction, it was both very sturdy and functional, and quite impressive to look at also!

Chris made the bridge stable and Danielle documented the process and filmed it along the way, you can see the video below, so awesome:

During the process, you can see that somehow Reggie seems to know that the bridge is actually there just for him…

Chris said about it:

“When I was building it, Reg was all over it …constantly sitting on loose bits of wood and generally trying to help [or] get in the way.”

Many ‘licks’ of paint later the bridge was secured into position and it was time to do a big reveal!

Chris then said:

“I think he knew that I wanted him to use it, and so like all cats, he did exactly the opposite and ignored it completely for a couple of days …Maybe it was the smell of the fresh paint?”

After many days of real confusion as to how he could make the bridge of interest to Reggie Chris had an idea, a yummy treat would do it…

Chris said that:

“We bribed him on with some treats, and he soon warmed to it! …He now even sits on it and watches the world go by.”

When Reggie is not having a little snooze of following Chris and Danielle about the house, he can get across the bridge safe and sound! How completely great!

Chris said finally:

“I’m planning on building a mansion for my guinea pigs …which should be a lot of fun.”

What a really awesome way to help his pet, maybe you could think of a family member who could also benefit from this awesome idea too?

What do you think ?