“Intimately” Abused Dog Put To Sleep – Owners Jailed

When we say we love our dogs, it’s usually the case that we respect and care for our dogs and treat them fairly and justly, but for this one couple that was not the case, this is one of the most twisted cases!

The couple, who lived in Colorado, was intimately abusing their dog, so much so that he had to be euthanized as he was not safe to be adopted again by anyone.

The Akita mix breed of dog, called Bubba, was abused by the owner, Frederick Manzanares, on a table they made especially for what they were doing to him, to enable them to perform lewd acts on the dog.

Also according to the courts and the police, Manzanares, 51-years-old, pleaded guilty to the two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

The County Judge sentenced the guy to six months in prison and a further two years of supervised probation.

The man had been engaging in the acts with Bubba with his former girlfriend, Janette Solano, we really are dumbfounded!

In the court Janette was a co-defendant and also admitted to one count of animal cruelty, she was given a 24-month deferred judgment and sentence…

The woman said to the police that her former boyfriend sent her some videos and also literature about “bestiality”, surprisingly this was only illegal in Colorado from 2007 onwards!

The warrant for his arrest stated that he had filmed sex acts, with Bubba, facilitated by using a hormone spray to induce arousal in the dog, before being abused on the custom padded bench.

The police searched a mobile home that was used to carry out the acts on the dog, and it was there that the officers found photos and videos which show Solano having sex with Bubba while Manzanares was there.

Bubba was euthanized earlier this week after the Aurora Animal Shelter reported that during the time there he showed:

“…unpredictable behavior and shows signs of aggression towards veterinary services, staff, volunteers, community service workers, and staff members.”

Aurora’s manager, Jenee Shipman, said to the county court:

“It is my opinion this dog is not a safe adoption candidate based on a continued increase in aggression observed daily.”

During the process of sentencing, Amy Ferrin, Arapahoe County deputy district attorney said:

“Bubba is not doing well at all.”

Judge Cheryl Rowles-Stokes, said:

“This dog cannot recover.”

The guy said to the court that he realized that his desires towards his dog were very much “morally wrong”.

The guy also asked if he could work with Bubba to help his rehabilitation, but of course, the judge denied this request and made it clear that he would never own or care for or live with any other animals during probation.

He was also told that he would have to undergo some rehabilitation…

Quite frankly we really wonder if this is enough, and would really like to know if you also think the same, this is just one of those cases that reinforces that we need stricter punishments for crimes like these!

What do you think ?